Transport assembly/disassembly of the scaffolding with our employees.
Application of protective fabric where required.
Monthly rental of the scaffolding for the time required to ending the work.
Assembling of scaffolding for the civil and industrial buildings performed with customer's material.
Realization of the project (where required) for install scaffolding.
Burglar alarm and illumination installations where required for the scaffold.
Technical assistance during assembling, use and disassembling.
Technical assistance to companies and professionals for study of the possibility of realization of the scaffolding.
Hot Rental of scaffolding (assembling at AGOS care)
Cold Rental of scaffolding (assembling at client care)
Rental of lifting platforms.
Transport, loading and unloading with truck/crane fully autonomous.

View photos of our used scaffold: used material for sale

Fields of work

Civil and industrial buildings, works of buildings safety lock out, renovation, reconstruction of roof covers, plumbing and refurbishment of drain pipes, churches restoration, church bell's towers works, assembly and service works of big plants, hospitals, military quarters, bridges and viaducts. All works where needs elevated workplace.